First Aid Training

“It was the best first aid course I have ever done, and I feel now that I would be much more likely to know how to react in the event of an accident occuring.
It was cold and a bit dusty on the floor, but the scenario’s made the course much better, and with a boiler suit in the afternoon it was no problem.”

“All in all I would rather be cold and dirty and learning effectively, than warm, clean and bored which has been my previous experience!!”

”Although the instructor pushed us, he allowed us to maintain our dignity at all time….”

Fork Lift Truck Training

“Professional instruction delivered with great patience”

Welding for Beginners

“I learned to weld here 16 months ago and have since gone on to become a trainee welding inspector. I can honestly say I learned more here in 6 days than most of our trainee welders learned in 6 months at some training schools! I would highly recommend Varis Training if you want to weld, worth every penny, plus there’s always plenty biscuits!”

“My experience surpassed my expectations with a more practical hands on learning process”

‘Turned a black art into a usable skill’

“This course exceeded my expectation, I did not expect to learn how to cut aswell as weld”

” I’ve been doing my commercial diver training since November, and now into the final two weeks of the course which is all about welding…………….

Thanks to the training I did with you guys I am doing well on the course.  I scored top marks in the surface welding assessments, and was the first to pass the underwater root weld assessment today, so I’m moving on to second and third runs over the root welds tomorrow. ”


Manual Handling

“Informative and tailored to my specific requirements”

Abrasive Wheels

“Excellent value for money”

“I now fully understand my responsibilities”