NPORS Cards – Expiry dates

Just to explain the differences between ‘Expire by Category’ and ‘Expire by Card’ with the NPORS cards

An NPORS Operator Card can be issued for one or more categories. Where more than one category is shown on the same Card then this could be one of two Card types:

  1. a)  A “Standard” Operator Card on with a common expiry date for all the categories. This is calculated from the earliest test date of all the categories on the card, irrespective of when any others were added to the Operator’s registration (or renewed). This expiry date will be stated on the front of the Card.
  2. b)  A Card on which each of the category registrations has an “Individual Expiry Date” calculated from the date when the category registration was added (or last renewed). These individual expiry dates will be listed on the reverse of the Card.

Generally we select ‘Expire by Card’ for our clients but if you prefer the ‘Expire by category’ scheme then we can get that changed for you but there is not an option to go back. The Expire by Category scheme will mean you have to renew the card more often.

For more information on NPORS visit their website HERE

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