Forklift Refresher Training – The Law

Refresher training is a vital part of ensuring site safety and it’s an investment that can actually save employers money, as well as keeping staff safe.

Trained operators are more productive (and profitable) than untrained colleagues. Refresher training helps prevent complacency from creeping in and bad habits from taking hold

Under the law (PUWER 1998), ensuring that your operators are fully trained is the employers responsibility. Under L117 (Approved Code of Practice for Rider-Operator Lift Trucks), it’s recommended that operators receive refresher training every 3 to 5 years.

L117 provides guidance which, if followed, will ensure that you comply with the law. If you are prosecuted for a Health & Safety breach and it’s proven that you didn’t follow the relevant provisions as specified in L117 (or demonstrate that you complied with the law in another way), you will be found at fault by the court and at risk of potential prosecution, fines or both. A simple risk assessment for your operation should highlight any factors that may affect the frequency of refresher training.