Terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all courses booked with Varis Training Ltd unless alternative Terms and Conditions have been agreed in writing.


A signed booking form must be completed in full and returned to Varis Training Ltd prior to the commencement date of the training.

On receipt of a completed booking form Varis Training Ltd will issue a booking confirmation and joining instructions.

Substitution, cancellation and transfer

The Customer may substitute a Delegate on a Course upon notifying Varis Training Ltd in writing at no additional charge subject to the new Delegate meeting the published prerequisites.

The customer agrees to pay the following charges to Varis Training Ltd in the event that for whatever reason a delegate fails to attend, cancels, transfers or withdraws from a course without providing at least 15 working days’ written notice prior to the scheduled start of the course. In this respect, a cancellation fee refers to a specific course date and therefore a transfer to a later course counts as a cancellation.

Written Notice of Cancellation or Transfer
10-15 working days: 50% of course fee
0-10 working days: 100% of course fee

Pyament terms and method

Unless otherwise stipulated by Varis Training Ltd, fees for all courses are payable 15 working days prior to course commencement, or at time of booking where this is less than 15 working days before course commencement. If we do not receive payment we reserve the right to cancel the course booking.