Asbestos Awareness Training


Under the control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, employers are required to ensure that anyone liable to disturb asbestos during their work – and those who supervise such employees – receive adequate information, instruction & training to enable them to work safely and without risk to themselves or others.

The aim is to ensure workers and supervisors understand the health risks posed by exposure to asbestos, are able to recognise asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) or suspected ACMs and know what to do if they come across ACMs in order to protect themselves and others from the risk of exposure.

There are 3 main levels of asbestos information, training and training:

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Non licensable work with asbestos
  • Licensable work

In particular, employees whose work could foreseeably disturb the fabric of a building or other items that might contain asbestos, exposing them or others to the substance, and those who supervise such work, must be given suitable asbestos awareness information, instruction and training.

Typical examples of workers who might require asbestos awareness training are those in the refurbishment, maintenance & allied trades, such as electricians, plumbers, telecommunication engineers, fire & burglar alarm installers, architects and building surveyors.

HSE’s supporting ACOP states that, in general, asbestos safety information, instruction & training for employees must be “adequate to allow them to safeguard themselves”and others

Further guidance can be found on the HSE website